Fruit ready to be picked

Register in minutes, and invite your learning teams in a few more.

Quick registration

It’s as easy as ABC. Choose your plan, then give your garden instance a name, and create your first scene. That’s it. Have a fully functional environment in a few minutes to achieve your educational goals.

Invite your fellow teachers and students

Add or invite people to your scenes with an email-address. Their given role will define their privileges.

Easy-to-use interface to bridge the IT literacy gap

Designed for use by people at all levels of IT skills, CourseGarden provides an uncomplicated environment making learning together lots of fun.

Responsive design supports variety of devices in learning

Using smart devices are part of life today. Let’s help them to use it for important purposes, for example learning and educational interaction access on all your devices, either PCs, tablets or phones.

CourseGarden lays among the clouds

Our garden require no installation and maintenance. It is a service, all you need to do is pick fruits off it.

Simple yet clever LMS

Create curriculum, tests and so much more...

Create your own learning material in a few easy steps.

Put your content together. Insert questions, external resources. Import your presentation. Easy, handy, no mess with those external content creators.

Have you ever made adaptive tests?

Sometimes the good old linear tests do the job. But you may want to expand your means of evaluation… Create your own adaptive test to classify your group!

Share resources. Measure and evaluate their impact.

Everything can be a learning object, if you’re brave enough… Share it, measure, evaluate and improve it.

Forum, task, vote, survey and many more.

LMS is about communication and knowledge exchange. You’ll need a place to discuss topics and may need to collect thoughts, votes or tasks. These features are out there in the "Garden".

Structured course workplace

Coursegarden provides a streamlined structure to build up educational path for your students.

Feed your data hunger

Check out how your efforts pay off. Follow up use times, results, downloads and many more!

Active Presentation

Give lecture to your class with interactive tools.

"Smart"-en up your slides with fascinating activities

Remember the times when you had to set up several external tools in order to motivate your class? Look to the future and do everything in one place!

BYOD approach

It is usual that students bring their devices to the classroom. Why not utilise it? Regardless of what brand or OS, only a browser and connection are necessary. Passive contents will be shown on the projector only to maintain their attention.

Collect thoughts and opinions

The word cloud is a spectacular way of presenting different thoughts in a weighted manner. And how easy it is to create one! Set your question and define how many words you’d like to receive from each of them.

Make learning fun with a series of quizzes

Use your existing questions or create new ones to make quizzes for your class. See how delighted they will be with their results, when you show them the scoreboard!

Receive instant feedback with the integrated exit ticket feature

Feedback is essential in pedagogical work. You need to know their overall impressions as well as detailed answers to your specific questions.