Cultivate knowledge together  In a variety of ways through assisted learning


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Fruit ready to be picked

Register in minutes, and invite your learning teams in a few more.

Quick registration

Invite your fellow teachers and students

Easy-to-use interface to bridge the IT literacy gap

Responsive design supports variety of devices in learning

CourseGarden lays among the clouds

Simple yet clever LMS

Create curriculum, tests and so much more...

Create your own learning material in a few easy steps.

Have you ever made adaptive tests?

Share resources. Measure and evaluate their impact.

Forum, task, vote, survey and many more.

Structured course workplace

Feed your data hunger

Active Presentation

Give lecture to your class with interactive tools.

"Smart"-en up your slides with fascinating activities

BYOD approach

Collect thoughts and opinions

Make learning fun with a series of quizzes

Receive instant feedback with the integrated exit ticket feature